We produce a wide array of custom lower-limb and upper-limb prosthetic devices, including:


  • Test Sockets
  • Symes prosthesis
  • Partial foot prosthesis
  • Transtibial Endo Socket (BK prosthesis)
  • Transfemoral Endo Socket (AK prosthesis)
  • Transtibial/Transfemoral Exo Socket
  • Transradial Socket (BE prosthesis)
  • Transhumeral Socket (AE prosthesis)

In addition to prosthetic fabrication, we also perform expert modifications as needed — all within the fabrication times listed below:

  • Check sockets: 2 business days
  • Definitive AK sockets: 2-4 business days
  • Definitive BK sockets: 2-3 business days
  • Definitive AE & BE sockets: 2-4 business days

Click on the gallery below to see images of the hand-crafted prostheses we have created at O&P National Fab.