Fabrication Services

What We Do

All of the O&P devices we fabricate are 100% custom-made, built from scratch to the exact specifications the orthotist or prosthetist requests. Have a specific way you want your trim lines and build-ups completed? No problem. We save a profile of each practitioner’s modification preferences, which we refer to every time we receive a new order.

How We Do It

You send us your orthortic or prosthetic device specifications and order form along with the patient’s cast. We make and modify the mold, fabricate the device, and ship it back to you – anywhere in the US. Or if you are located in the Greater Austin, Texas area, we will deliver your order directly to your practice.

Check out our Orthotics and Prosthetics pages to see a list of the devices we fabricate and to view images of our work.


Note: If you are a new customer, you must complete our New Client Form before we can accept any orders.